Livestream Your Brand
3 min readJan 9, 2022

Livestream Your Business:
Ultimate Steps

Livestream has become a fast-growing industry. Today is a must for entrepreneurs or anyone who works from home during a pandemic to livestream to grow their business or even to start one.
The people who lost their business or job have to do something and follow this trend to survive. It makes Livestreaming a necessity to brand their program or product. Personal branding gets the most exposure through live video.


The number of live videos keeps increasing each day such as on YouTube. That makes these social media compete to add their features to livestream. The Livestreaming platforms also complete their facilities to attract users. New livestreaming platforms keep coming and collaborating with other software and applications especially the ones that are based on browser such as event organizer, webinar, etc.

There are so many people who still hold back for many reasons. The main reasons why they have not started livestream are:
1. Having no confidence
Especially for introverts like me, being in front of a camera is not easy. I build my confidence by going livestream more instead of waiting for my confidence to grow. I disliked my first live video and I have not found someone who loves their first video either.

2. Fear of judgement
Fear of judgement is real. It scares us more than anything to take the first step. This has happened also before starting 100 Days Live with Sonya. We all start from zero so no need to compare the others who have started first and achieved more. You will get there eventually. Maybe even much better.

3. Not knowing what to deliver
If you start to complicate things and plan too much, there are possibilities that you never go Livestreaming. Start simple by talking about you and your activities for example. Here is the importance of having some public speaking skills. It helps a lot for sure. Let other people know you. The more you do it, the more ideas you can get. Step by step you will be able to plan your content.

Do you have one of those reasons to hold you back from going live or even more?
Here are the steps you need to take that can help you if you want to start Livestreaming.
1. Get clarity of your Livestreaming
The most important thing is you have the clarity of why you want to Livestream. By having a clear purpose in Livestreaming, you will be able to set your goals. It can be to get more customers or build your community so that you can share your expertise to reach your ideal clients worldwide. It will make it easier for you to create quality content also for your livestream.

2. Choose your platform to Livestream
There are easy platforms to go Livestreaming. The key is if you are new in this field, choose one and learn how to operate it before choosing more platforms that suit you. It can be overwhelming if you learn many platforms at once unless you have time and energy to do it of course. No need to worry since you can do it more by the time you start it. For example, you can use Restream or StreamYard, or Ecamm, and other livestreaming platforms to some destinations.

3. Take action
After knowing your purpose to go Livestreaming and the platform you want to use, hit that live button. Challenge yourself. It is easy to record and post on Social Media but your mindset will be different. You will be in a comfort zone where you still think you can delete the video if you feel like it. When you go Livestreaming right away, people can watch you directly to get to know you more and the values you deliver. They also can ask you questions right away so you can build your engagement too.
Now you see how easy it is to do it right? What are your excuses to postpone your live video? Hit that go live button. You will feel great to start it.

Livestream Your Brand
Anita Sonya is a livestreaming coach and consultant helping business owners transform their businesses through livestreaming.

She organizes multiple international summits bringing together top speakers from diverse industries.

Livestream Your Brand

Anita Sonya is a high performance coach helping entrepreneurs transform their businesses through livestreaming. She organizes multiple international summits.